Non reactive HIV but High index ????

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Saturday, December 29, 2012
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Dear Friend


Today I get re testing for HIV also the result was 0.839    ( non reactive ) by ELISA  but it still make me very worry notes : this result done after 94 days of possible exposure .... My question is Why this result as well as previous one read High ????????????????/    Since the Early result was  0.34 , 0,45 and so one Please if you now One Explanation please let me know because in fact i do not sleep well and I'm very worry Since I got an employment Offer in other country  and i want to get some assurance from you in order to proceed .

waiting your feed back soon

Thanks & Regards



Hi there and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline as a source for HIV/AIDS related information.

Unfortunately here in Vancouver, we do not receive index values when we receive our HIV test results. I have asked a STI clinic nurse and she has informed me that even registered nurses cannot offer explanations or interpret the meaning behind index value numbers. She further assured me that the index value number is not important, what is important is the interpretation of that number, which it appears, it negative.

So, the ELISA Testing results at 94 days post-exposure are definitive and conclusive, meaning you have not been infected with HIV.

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Submitted by raju (not verified) on

hello dear sir/madam my name is raju I am from india I am worked abroad but I test hiv first 2008 that time I don't know what is the result but I am not sex toany other girl or women I sex first 2007 one girl I dount no she is hiv positive or not then I test hiv 2010 that time negative but now I am test 2013 result is coming nonreactive please tell me

Submitted by davidn on

Thank you for choosing the Helpline. The information that you have given indicates that you are not living with HIV. Your non-reactive test in 2013 is conclusive that you are HIV negative if you have no other risk exposure during the last 3 months.

Just for clarity, non-reactive is the same as negative.

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